Field Test Romania (WP3)

Field test activities:

  • Advancement of monitoring solutions for distribution grids
  • Installation of mobile phasor measurement units (PMUs) as configurable monitoring nodes
  • Tracking and evaluation of energy distribution and voltage quality
  • Six months monitoring campaign with data fusion within FISMEP


  • Demonstrating the FISMEP platform’s ability to integrate information on energy distribution and voltage quality
  • Implementation of an electric energy market that can operate at different voltage levels (transmission vs. distribution)

 Project partners involved:

  • University Politehnica of Bucharest – MicroDERLab
  • EnergoBit

 Test sites:

  • LV grid node on UPC campus, Bucharest
  • LV grid node with PV installation
  • 20/0.4 kV substation (on LV side)
  • Point of common coupling (PCC) of wind park, 20 kV and 110 kV